Do It Now

Do you know what a “procrastination”? This complicated word describes a common occurrence – the constant postponement of today’s work for tomorrow. One of the most serious researchers of this phenomenon is Joseph R. Ferrari. He is a professor of psychology and author of the book “Are you still wasting your time? Guidance on completion of the backlog. ”

So, according to Ferrari, it is normal to lose every time. But from time to time! For this reason, not everyone is prokrastinator, only 20% of the world population. The figure is constant in every country, regardless of latitudes – 20% constant postponing important tasks then both in Venezuela and in Poland, Australia and Saudi Arabia. Inflexible prokrastinator can not change himself, he needs help from a psychotherapist, says Ferrari.

For others who feel that the slow pace lately and succumb to the temptation to postpone today’s work to tomorrow Ferrari there are many tips that have proven effective through serious research.

But first, he said, analyze potential cause for the tendency to procrastinate. It may be because of fear of failure, or slaves to the myth that work best when you are pressed by deadline.

The reasons and excuses, however, are treatable and postponed work to be done, is adamant Ferrari. Therefore, as a first step, list the tasks in the short term (for day), medium (for the upcoming week or 10 days) and long term (month). Arrange them as priorities first and only perform the most urgent. Then he embarked on the most difficult – if you continue to procrastinate volume of work will seem even more frightening.

Ferrari did not accept and common excuse that computers and mobile conversations distract us from our direct duties. You just have to introduce some order into their relations, says the professor and give reasonable algorithm behavior:

“Check your email every hour. Do not reply to all letters received so far, unless many do not have. Do not open the letters if you currently do not have time to deal with them. Rub of time excess messages should not be stacked in the “Inbox”.

The office consider which of your colleagues is the most productive and alliance with him. “Work in the group, surrounded by people who manage to get work done on time. Try to follow the pattern of behavior of the one who is most effective, “says Ferrari.

Choose carefully and evaluate projects in which participate, he recommends. “Many are considered to be obliged to join in as more and more large-scale projects of the company. Smart strategy is just the opposite – concentrate attention and efforts on just a few tasks or only a few customers, give everything and then you will shine much more, “said Ferrari.

In the end he leaves the most important conclusion: “My grandmother, who was Italian, he said” Some people do not cease to serve as not to wet! “So let prokrastinatorite reach the bottom! Let’s relive severe failure! Only this can cause them to rethink their behavior! “