Procrastination : Discover 12 Ways To Stop Procrastinating Now !: The Ultimate Instant Procrastination Cure! (Instant Self Development Series)

If you have been struggling to get things done and procrastination has become your second nature, you have landed at the right place. This book will purify your blood and cleanse it of all the procrastination germs to turn you into an action oriented person for the rest of your life. You will get so much done in a single day that you will be amazed where all the action is coming from. Following are the highlights of what you will learn in this book:

• How to end procrastination forever and become super productive.

• How to convert yourself from a man of planning into a man of action.

• How to Remove all Resistance and Hesitations you face before starting any task.

• How to Get rid of all the Laziness and motivate yourself to get all your important tasks done.

• Strategies to deal with all kinds of fears that may be leading you to procrastinate.

• How you can use the power of visualizations to end