Stop Procrastination: 12 Simple Anti-Procrastination Habits That Will Help You Stop Procrastinating And Boost Your Productivity (Procrastination, Stop … Self Help, Procrastination Cure)

Stop Procrastination: 12 Simple Habits That Will Boost Your Productivity

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You’re about to discover 12 really simple habits that will help you stop procrastinating. “Stop Procrastination” contains a set of techniques that helped me stop procrastinating and, I am sure, will help you cure procrastination as well. As one of the outcomes of adopting those 12 habits I finally wrote this book which actually took me more than a year of fighting my procrastination 🙂

“Stop Procrastination” will teach how to stop procrastination and as the result you will be able to quickly boost your productivity.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn:Getting To The Root Of ProcrastinationDevelop A Strong Willpower12 Powerful Habits That Instantly Cure ProcrastinationOn Average Readers Discover At Least 8 New Procrastination Tips That They Never Heard Of BeforeMuch, much more!